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Our CD released in 2010, titled "Repast," features music by Hacquart, Buxtehude, F. Couperin, Leclair, Rameau, and J. Morel.
Performers: Amelia Roosevelt & Claire Jolivet, violins; John Mark Rozendaal, viola da gamba; Avi Stein, harpsichord
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“These folks, practiced period perfectionists all, were established in 2003 and they play like maniacs. The phrasing, spirit, and articulation are wonderful, almost palpable in some instances, and one is hard-pressed to come up with a more engaging program than this. A fine disc.”
Steve Ritter, Audiophile Audition [November 2013]

“This CD concerns the performers as much as the music itself… the Repast Baroque Ensemble is fast becoming one of the foremost exponents of baroque music to come out of America, and with the group's vivid renditions of this special type of music, concert engagements are on the up… this quartet of truly fine musicians has been able to produce a programme of the most enchanting sounds full of serenity and charm… the music is an enriching experience from beginning to end, and Repast's delectable performances are not only beautifully shaped but also spiritually uplifting… sound and presentation are exemplary. ... delectable performances …”
Gerald Fenech Music & Vision [January 2014]

“The Repast Baroque Ensemble, … are really in great form in this program of (mostly) French Baroque music. In fact, this eponymously named album of music by Couperin, Leclair, Rameau and others captures the excitement and verve of the music of this era better than I have ever heard it done by others. By contrast, most performances of French Baroque emphasize the spiritual qualities of the music at the expense of a rather static formality. Not so Repast (the ensemble), and so “Repast” (the album) lives up to its title as a detectible musical feast… Together with their absolute clarity of voicing and rhythm, the Repast musicians understand [the Baroque]  style so well it has become instinctive with them, informing their performances of every work on the present program.”
Phil Muse, Audio Society of Atlanta [July 2013]

“These are pieces that the musicians seem to enjoy performing or that they find especially fascinating for one reason or another...Charming pieces, charmingly played.”
Crawford, American Record Guide [May/June 2014]

"Over the years I have often heard performances of German or Italian baroque music by Anglo-Saxon ensembles which I have found rather middle-of-the-road. There is nothing middle-of-the-road here. Amelia Roosevelt has played with several German ensembles and the colouring in her playing, her articulation and the dynamic shading shows that she has learnt a thing or two from them. This is exactly how this repertoire needs to be played.   The artists are well aware of the differences between the German and Italian styles on the one hand and the French style on the other. The latter is more elegant, less radical and more restrained - a reflection of society as it was under the Ancien Régime. Couperin's Apothéose de Corelli is one of his best-known pieces, and programmatic in that he confesses his admiration for the music of Corelli and the Italian style in general. However, the music is still every inch French, and that is well conveyed here. The ensemble of the two violinists is excellent and they bring out the character of the various (programmatic) movements very well. Especially nice is the fifth movement: "After his enthusiasm Corelli sleeps, and his entourage plays the following sleep music very softly". It is performed with great subtlety. "
Johan van Veen, MusicWeb International
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